Corporate Thinktanks and their scientists want to engineer the world’s climate!

The powerful coalition that wants to engineer the world’s climate

Businessmen, scientists and right-wing thinktanks are joining forces to promote ‘geo-engineering’ ideas to cool the planet’s climate

by Clive Hamilton, Monday 13 September 2010

Read the article here:

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Excerpts and my comments:

Or dark-coloured forests could be converted into light-coloured grasslands that reflect more sunlight.

Cut down forests to save the environment — they’re really saying this? They’ll do anything to avoid slowing down their profit-machine global economy.

Economically it is an extremely attractive substitute because its cost is estimated to be ‘trivial’ compared to those of cutting carbon pollution.

They deny global warming until it’s too late, then suddenly it’s an emergency only they can solve by insane means.

A year ago an article about this came out in the NYT with the tone of “geoengineering is an interesting crazy idea that no one believes will ever happen.” As soon as they did that, it was clear what the direction of it would be. They always float out new outrageous things as “crazy ideas that they would never do” to get the public used to it, to prepare us for later shoving it down our throats.

We need to stop these people.


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